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Details Cornelsen-English-Grammar-Groe-Ausgabe-und-English-Edition-Cornelsen-English-Grammar-Groe-Ausgabe-Practice-Book

Cornelsen English Grammar - Große Ausgabe und English Edition: Cornelsen English Grammar, Große Ausgabe, Practice Book

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Details Recording-English-Researching-English-Transforming-English-Studies-in-English-Medieval-Language-and-Literature-Band-41

This book presents new research results in English historical linguistics. Section I deals with sounds and spellings, e.g. the role of writing in language change, Pre-Old English sound changes and their reflection in runic inscriptions - plus the ...

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Details Oxford-Essential-Italian-Dictionary-Italian-English-English-Italian

Italian-English - English-ItalianBroschiertes BuchThis new dictionary offers up-to-date coverage of essential Italian and English, and extra help with Italian and English verbs and pronunciation, all in a compact and affordable format.

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Details English-in-Kenya-or-Kenyan-English-Polish-Studies-in-English-Language-and-Literature-Band-36

The book aims to recognize or reject English in Kenya as a new, emancipated variety of English developing in a multilingual environment of permanent language contact. It discusses in detail the sociolinguistic situation in contemporary Kenya based on ...

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Details The-English-Struwwelpeter-Bilingual-edition-English-and-German

No The English Struwwelpeter Read a customer review or write one .

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Details English-Heritage-English-Cinema-Costume-Drama-Since-1980

English Heritage, English Cinema This title discusses English heritage on film. It argues that the ambivalence of the films themselves and the richness of the reception process necessarily produces a range of often incompatible interpretations of the ...